Our Staff

Mary Wills, Interior Designer

The staff at Mary Wills Interiors take joy in helping you to decorate your home in a way that make you happy. They love working for you and their enthusiasm is infectious.

In August 2013, two new employees were added to complete Mary’s dream team.

Like Mary, Laurie Andre-Amis, formerly of Rochester and now living in Alex Bay, has that special knack for displaying merchandise and together they keep the shop and cottage looking tip-top. She and Mary are forever re-arranging stock. “It’s all in the details.” Under Mary’s tutelage, Laurie is able to advise customers in finding that perfect accessory…..whether it be for their own homes or for gifting. Laurie says she and her husband stopped in one day not even knowing what the business was and she was so impressed with all Mary’s shop had to offer, she not only went home with a carload of treasures, but she knew she just HAD to work there! “We’re so glad she did!!

Toni Zygadlo, long time friend of Mary’s and retired district music coordinator of 35 years at Indian River Central School, has various roles at MWI, but is primarily responsible for marketing and has added the website for the business and writes the daily FB posts. She has designed new business cards, brochures and created a photographic portfolio for Mary. She says “it’s a joy to work in a place where I’m surrounded by beautiful things all day and work with such caring and friendly people. Mary has been my personal decorator for 20 years. She not only worked on my first home, but when my husband and I bought a bigger house, she redecorated that as well! And then she did the same for my parents! My father used to joke that he should just adopt her.” Both Laurie and Toni say the biggest challenge working at MWI is resisting the urge to buy every new item that comes through the door!

Kim Honeywell, also a resident of Alexandria Bay, came to work with Mary within the first two years Seven Gables opened. She continues to function as office manager and often travels with Mary on buying trips and to furniture markets, seminars and shows. Mary feels blessed to be able to depend on Kim’s business acumen and often counts on her for a second opinion. Kim has been her “right hand man…woman, that is,” since the beginning. Not only is she the one who keeps the books, but we’ve come to learn that she’s an expert at hanging new wallpaper…..a serendipitous asset to the renovation process! Toni and Laurie call the two women “the dynamic duo.

With Kim and the addition of new staff, Mary is better able to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for her expertise and devote more time to her true passion, decorating the homes of her clients and researching perfect furnishings for both residential and commercial projects. With over 20 years of experience under her belt, she’s earned her reputation for fulfilling the customers’ wishes with complete satisfaction. Once she and the customer agree on a plan, she takes care of the ordering, the delivery, and professional installation.

Give us a call at 482-7579. Mary’s designs are classic and stand the test of time. Like her business slogan, she is “transforming spaces…..transforming lives.”